outrage2The Year in Outrage – 2014
(Concord Monitor, 12/28/14)outrageThe Year in Outrage – 2013
(Concord Monitor, 01/02/14)Taking a Dive From the Fiscal Cliff
(Concord Monitor, 12/16/12)

Gaffe season
(Concord Monitor, 11/26/11)

Charted waters
(Concord Monitor, 10/10/10)

History of “The Owl”
(Concord Monitor, 12/24/09)

1809 sketchbook
(Concord Monitor, Spring 2009)

1809 town meeting
(Concord Monitor, 3/13/09)

How we got gay married
(Concord Monitor, 9/5/08)

Coffee and MainColor Coffee and Main
(The Concord Insider, January 2007 / revised August 2008)

Comics ContestInsider comics contest
(The Concord Insider, February 2007)

Alphabet Tarot cardDictionary tarot card: Goon
(Personal project, 2002-2004)


I was incredibly fortunate to have a weekly space for my comics at The Concord Insider (a free tabloid published by the Monitor). I began drawing Coffee and Main in late 2006 and continued it weekly for six years. A page at the Insider‘s website collects the entire run of strips – 200-plus comics.

In March 2011, I appeared on WMUR-TV’s New Hampshire Chronicle to talk about the strip and my long history as a cartoonist. And while Coffee and Main might be resting now, a Kansas return is possible. Stay tuned!


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  1. Sandy McCuistion · February 4, 2009

    Enjoyed the comics! Much better than what I read every day. Keep up the good work.

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