These page designs come from various sections of the Concord (N.H.) Monitor and a subsidiary publication, The Concord Insider. My most interesting work appeared on the cover of the Monitor‘s opinion and ideas section, The Forum, and the paper’s features sections. I also designed the A1 and Sunday Books sections.

Note: Besides laying out the Monitor pages, I also wrote the display type and edited the stories.

forum-122614 (1)
Gun crazy
(The Forum, 12/26/14)forum-082014 (1)
The lessons of Ferguson
(The Forum, 08/20/14)forum-022714 (1)
2016 primary preview: GOP
(The Forum, 02/27/14)
forum-011614 (1)My partner was shot to death by Michael Addison
(The Forum, 01/16/14)

Horse Sense
(A&E section, 09/01/11)
Editor Felice Belman’s blog entry about this and other recent A&E designs.

The Book Club Issue
(The Concord Insider, 06/22/10)

The Invasive Species Issue
(The Concord Insider, 05/25/10)

Wiped Out
(A1 and A8, 04/11/10)

Nice to Tweet You
(Friday section, 07/10/09)
Read my story online.

CM20090612_D01Go Fish
(Friday section, 06/12/09)

Concord's ComposerConcord’s composer
(A&E section, 12/11/08)

Economic Crisis FunEconomic crisis fun
(Friday section, 10/3/08)


Business mattersBusiness Matters
Illustration by Charlotte Thibault
(Special section cover, 02/24/13)Artful yogaArtful yoga
(A&E section, 07/26/12)

Making connectionsMaking connections
(A&E, 04/26/12)

What comes next?What comes next?
(A1, 10/13/08)

Blood Sweat SkatesBlood sweat skates
(Friday section 08/01/08)