Most of my work in newspapers before 2006 was as a copy editor. Few go into journalism with dreams of punctuating others’ writing, but I found great satisfaction in the work. Once I moved to the Concord Monitor, my duties shifted. I still worried about typos and headlines, but I also designed pages, collaborated with reporters, and wrangled online projects.

Business Matters, 2013 edition
I oversaw this 10-page special section for the Monitor. It involved working with freelancers, community business leaders and our news artist to create a cohesive whole.
(Concord Monitor, 02/24/13)

New Hampshire primary A1, 2012
Mitt Romney enjoyed his Granite State primary win in January 2012. I edited and designed A1 and its jump pages. “Mitt’s moment” was my idea, too.
(Concord Monitor, 01/11/12)

Seeing Regina
Monitor education reporter Sarah Palermo and photographer Katie Barnes collaborated on this project about a girl facing vision (and life) challenges. I wrote the headlines and captions, designed the section, and edited the text.
(Concord Monitor, 06/25/11)

Distant hope
This special section, written by reporter Chelsea Conaboy, followed a family from Nepal to Concord. I edited, designed and wrote the display type.
(Concord Monitor, 05/30/09)

New Hampshire primary A1, 2008
I created of the Monitor‘s front page for the 2008 primary. As you might expect by this point, I created headlines, massaged stories and crafted layouts.
(Concord Monitor, 01/09/08)

Plodding into the distance
This draft of a history column includes my initial edits and questions. Here’s the column as finally published.
(The Tampa Tribune, 01/23/05)

The price of their redemption
I copy-edited this three-day series for the Tribune, collaborating with reporters and assigning editors. Here are samples of day two and day three.
(The Tampa Tribune, 09/21-09/23/03)

Hawk carves the air
I closely edited this short feature about skateboarding legend Tony Hawk; my edits are included. Here’s the piece as printed.
(St. Petersburg Times, 11/17/02)

Sinkhole headlines
A sequence of display type describing a distinctly Floridian problem.
(St. Petersburg Times, summer 2002)

A.C. tunnel bears a human cost
(Page two) (Page three)
(Philadelphia Inquirer, 07/22/01)


Tribune headlines
Examples of my work as headline writer for the Tribune.
(The Tampa Tribune, 03/02/03, 01/24/04)