I’ve had a great time freelancing for magazines, websites and television over the past few years. My work has appeared in mental_floss, Gays With KidsDiabetes Health, Yale Alumni Magazine and Presstime, and on the History Channel. I’ve also had pieces appear in textbooks published by Bedford St. Martin’s.

Here are links to a handful of my articles. For further prose samples (including my newspaper work), check out the writings section on this site.

Lifelines for gay dads: local gay fathers groups
(Gays With Kids, 4/15/15)

The Weird History of the ‘Ashcan Copy’
(Mental Floss, 3/13/15)

Three Artists Who Were Really Bad at Their Art
(Mental Floss, August 2012)

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy
(Researched History Channel show, 2011-2013)

Double-teaming the election cheats
(Yale Alumni Magazine, April 2011)

Five geniuses who renounced their work
(Mental Floss, November 2010)

Video games for kids with diabetes
(Diabetes Health, July 2010)

What people with Type 1 diabetes can learn from Type 2s
(Diabetes Health, April 2010)


Gays With Kids
Alumni Horae
Mental Floss
Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy
Diabetes Health
Diabetes Health Professional
Yale Alumni Magazine
The Compact Reader
The Bedford Guide for College Writers
I-70 Review

Coal City Review

Click on the links to visit the publishers. Interested in joining the lineup and having me write for you? Send me an e-mail, and we’ll talk.