Political Monitor podcast (2015-2016)
I hosted and edited a weekly podcast focused on all things political in the Granite State. Political editor Jonathan Van Fleet and politics reporter Casey McDermott were the regular guests.

Do / See / Taste (2010-2012)
A bit of an experiment, Do / See / Taste aimed to answer a simple question: What are we doing tonight? I started it after being named Monitor features editor and used it highlight events that could be lost in the paper’s print edition. (After a website revamp in late 2012, the blog was retired and turned into a section heading for the paper’s features material.)

Monitor podcasts (2008-2010)
Off the Page, the Concord Monitor podcast,  aimed to tell the stories behind the newspaper’s stories, through interviews with reporters, editors and photographers. I was creator and host of the weekly show, which began in spring 2008. Guests included editors Mike Pride and Felice Belman, along with Pulitzer-winning photographer Preston Gannaway.

BlogsNH Dispatches (2006-2008)
In 2006, I helped create the blogsNH site. A section of concordmonitor.com, blogsNH provided space for a community dialogue about politics, family, sports and so on. As “blog wrangler,” I kept watch over the site and talked to potential bloggers. I also tended to this blog, used for housekeeping.

Editor Evolved (2003-2007)
My longest-lasting blog began as “Copy Massage.” I dealt with copy-editing subjects, as well as broader  journalism issues. (The blog attracted notice from Poynter and other editors.) In 2007, I changed the name to “Editor Evolved,” hoping to capture some of the churn that many in the business feel.

Verse a Day (2003-2004)
Did I mention I write poetry? Yeah, I’m afraid that I do. For a full year, I posted a poem a day on this blog. That’s more than 360 original poems. Once that year was up, I didn’t write poetry for a long time.

Rant/Rave/Reassure (2002-2004)
I began blogging some seven years ago. This awkward site was the result, a jumble of my various enthusiasms and irritations at the time. After a year or so, I moved on to more targeted pastures. Still fond of the name, though.


Political Monitor quiz (2015-present)
Another project for the Monitor‘s politics-themed site, this weekly quiz also appears in The Forum section on Fridays. Can you answer all 10 questions correctly?

Seek or Shout (2012)
For the first half of 2012, I was a brand ambassador for Cision’s networking site linking writers with PR pros. I posted my own requests for sources, shared news about upcoming freelance projects and chatted with new folks on the site. Many thanks to old friend Jay Krall for making this happen.