In celebrity status and over-the-top talking points, Trump stands alone
The would-be presidential candidate appeared at a candidate forum in Nashua, N.H., and I was there to cover it. (Don’t miss the follow-up column, either.)
(Concord Monitor, 4/19/15)

Gay dads raising competitive athletes
I interviewed several same-sex couples who were raising kids who played sports competitively. The main article was followed up by a list of lessons learned.
(Gays With Kids, 5/12/15)

NH Rep. Bill O’Brien says Margaret Sanger was active participant in KKK
This fact-check piece examines a persistent myth about the founder of Planned Parenthood. To summarize: She wasn’t racist.
(PolitiFact New Hampshire, 3/18/15)

Now we are a family
This two-day series describes how my husband and I adopted our son, with all the wonder and bewilderment that entails. (I gave more context to NHPR’s Morning Edition a few days after publication.)
(Concord Monitor, 6/30, 7/1/13)

Three artists who were really bad at their art
Loving your medium isn’t enough. You actually need some skill, as these hopeless (yet entertaining) folks demonstrate.
(Mental Floss, August 2012)

Entrances and exits
A deeply personal, rather raw essay in which I describe the happiest and saddest year of my life.
(Diabetes Health, June 2012)

Five geniuses who renounced their work
You might assume that culture’s high achievers know their work is great. Not so.
(Mental Floss, November 2010)

What people with Type 1 diabetes can learn from Type 2s
How do I cause a gigantic ruckus in the online diabetes community? By writing a piece with this provocative title.
(Diabetes Health, April 2010)

Six minutes with Brian Wilson
The genius behind the Beach Boys gives me a little (very little) of his time. In the accompanying piece, “An hour with Probyn Gregory,” I interview one of his band members more extensively.
(Concord Monitor, 10/29/09)

Special section taps new revenue stream
The Daily Press of Newport News, Va., creates a port-centered special section.
(Presstime, January 2009)

Concord’s composer
I interview classical composer and Concord native John Adams about his new memoir. For the curious: an extended version of our conversation.
(Concord Monitor, 12/11/08)


Target becomes a target in debate over toys and gender
No exclusive boys’ and girls’ signage? The apocalypse has arrived!  (8/12/15)

In new ‘Mad Max’ film, some see nothing but a feminist conspiracy
Watch out! The road warrior might be battling for equality. (5/21/15)

Explaining New Hampshire government to the uninitiated
How does the Granite State work? Very, very slowly. (7/30/14)


As a matter of tradition, these pieces run without the author’s name. That being said, I contributed a couple each week in my last years at the Monitor. Here are a couple of favorites.

Clean Power Plan is small step forward (8/8/15)

High court delivers dignity, joy in same-sex marriage decision (6/27/15)


Self-serve tools target smaller advertisers
(Page two) Newspapers allow businesses to book their own ads. (January 2009)

Campaign highlights coupon savings
Philadelphia newspapers evangelize the humble coupon. (December 2008)


Video games for kids with diabetes
How can you teach young diabetics positive habits? Some researchers propose educational video games, but the form has its challenges.
(Diabetes Health, July 2010)

When the circus comes to town
My take on the 2008 New Hampshire primary, written for the quarterly magazine of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.
(Outlook, Spring 2008)

Coffee odyssey
Six coffee shops. One evening. Put them together and you get a hyper-caffeinated college journalist — and this article. (The piece was reprinted in sixth edition of The Bedford Guide for College Writers.)
(University Daily Kansan, 10/23/00)